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Gynostemma Extract Powder

Cucurbitaceae and Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino (cucurbitaceae) Stems slender, branched, longitudinally arched and grooved
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Gynostemma Extract Powder ( Gypenosides & Jiaogulan Extract Powder )
Gynostemma Extract Powder
  Standardized:Gynostemma pentaphyllum Extract
  [Botanical Source]Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.)Makino
  Common Names:Gynostemma
  Korean:Dunkulcha or Dolwe
  Pinyin Name:Jiao Gu Lan
  [Active Ingredient]Gypenosides,Gynostemma Extract(Gypenosides)is a saponins extract derived from the Gynostemma pentaphyllum.Jiaogulan contains a large quantity of saponins known as gypenosides.The structure of the gypenosides is very similar to the panaxosides(also known as ginsenosides)found in ginseng.There are 3-4 times as many saponins in jiaogulan as there are in ginseng.
  [Appearance]Yellow-brown to off-white fine powder.
  [Specification]Gynostemma Extract(Gypenosides)20%-98%.Test Method:UV-VIS
  [Health Benefits&Pharmacological actions]:
  .immune modulating
  .respiratory tonic
  .platelet regulator
  .cholesterol regulator
  .Protecting liver
  .triglyceride lowering
  .cardiovascular protectant
  .anti-aging agent.
  •Regulating Cholesterol
  •Maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.
  •Enhance the contractility of the heart muscle and heart pumping function.
  •Have the ability to support the immune system.It increases the production of Lymphocytes,Phagocytes,and Serum IGG.
  Atmospheric Energy:slightly cool
  Taste:Sweet and Slightly Bitter.
  Note:Pure Gynostemma tea has a pure sweet scent and tastes a little bitter at first,but turns to sweet as the aftertaste
  Organ Meridian Systems:Spleen,Lung,Kidney,Liver,Heart
  Inner packing:Double-layer plastic bag.
  Outer packing:Fiberboard drum
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